Marketplace Text Changer

Right, I've finally got around to smartening this page up and actually putting some information down about what this software actually does :) So here goes

This software has been created to be used in conjunction with the SIGIL Online Roleplay system. This system uses online message boards for characters to post their action, the system works in a similar fashion to 'traditional' roleplaying, but just using the internet as the medium instead of the normal dining room table.

The software allows you to enter text, and make it bold, italic or other stylings and then convert it to basic HTML format that can be used to post on the Marketplace.

The software is fairly easy to use (just general bold, italic, clear icons). The window permanently stays on the top of all other windows, due to the fact that this can quickly get irritaing, there is a collapse button, that allows you to shrink the window into a small bar

I've now made up an online help file


Please mail be on if you wish me to post an email when I perform an update. I would guess that I shall be updating the program more upon request and my own usage rather than any set plan!

To install:
If you have not installed this software before;
I would recommend that you download the FUll Package option. Run the MPFull.exe file from the location where you have downloaded it, the installation will run automatically :)

If you have installed this software before;
You need only download the updated program. Run this and accept the default option to unzip the file to, this should replace the program

If you are having problems installing;
Uninstall all previous versions of the software and follow the instructions as if you have never installed it before

Any problems or suggestions mail me on

DOWNLOAD FULL PACKAGE (self extracting) - 1.66Mb

DOWNLOAD SMALL PACKAGE (self extracting) - 57Kb

Technical rubbish;
This program has been written to allow it to be run from almost any folder on your computers hard-drive, all preferences are saved within the same folder and the program automatically can detect where it lives. If you are confident with computers, you can create your own folder and just unzip the prjMP.exe (29.3Kb) file into it. Most computers will have the required DLL files that allow the program to run.

Technically it is possible to run this off a floppy disk, USB ram drive or ZIP disk!

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