Maille Links

Throughout my surfing of the interent, I have come across a number of good websites that you may also find useful:

The Armchair Armoury - UK Supplier of ringlets and other armour items. I've had no problems with dealing with Armchair sofar and will continue to use them as they are a pleasure to deal with and have excellent turn around

The Ring Lord - Very good supplier of ringlets, but USA based. They have a huge selection of rings (greater than armchair), and a very good forum. However as they are overseas, I only use them for items that I cannot get within the UK

Creativemaill - They have gone bust and my dealings with them have not been overly happy, however they have some excellent guides and a good method of making dragon scale maille

Lady Guinevere - UK based, very talented lady, who makes an sells a number of very unique and desirable pieces of jewelery and decorations, a must see site